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Last update: July 27 2020
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Brewmaster: Please note that we will not publish messages which are not punctuated or those written in 'stream-of-consciousness' style with phrases separated only by a series of full stops. They take too much time to sub-edit and render into English. Also, note the guidelines above concerning Maori and capital letters.

July 27 2020 I am looking for contact information of Richard or Susan Russell. Last known address of Susan Russell is New Zealand. Last known address of Richard Russell is Perth Australia. Richard grew up on Rarotonga beginning at age 2 in 1993. Please send any information to Mark Russell at smrussell01@yahoo.com. Thank you.

May 14 2020 Greetings of good health! In these times of heightened environmental and health consciousness, addressing the problems arising due to the recent and ongoing pandemic is of paramount concern more than anything else. With the shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, we are restricted from unnecessarily going outside. Furthermore, countries have imposed travel restrictions and bans. I always have the desire and dream to travel the world if I have the time and resources. More importantly, I feel and think that there is a need for cultural understanding and international understanding in order to develop tolerance to differences and acceptance of diversity. And I want to start it with myself, with your help. I am collecting flags from all over the world and I will be more than happy to have and receive one from your place. Rest assured that I will treat it with respect, handle it with care, and receive it with a grateful heart. If and when my humble request will be granted, here is my address: Purok Thunder, Babag, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Grant B. Dungog.

March 18 2020 I am trying to find if Pani, male,or Rita,female, eldest children of Tare Yaoula Aurora, Ngaki village have descendants. Their father was a slave name unknown and birth would be early 1900s. Thank you for any help atawai wolo.

February 25 2020 As relatives of Bishop Lehman, my husband and I are visiting Mauke. Who can help us finding accommodation on Mauke April 10-12th 2020. Who can help us find some trails of Bishop Lehman who worked on Mauke in the 1930s? Would love to hear from you. Frank and Karin (frank.karin@shaw.ca)

January 22 2020 My children and I recently did our fourth trip to the island. I do love your beautiful island and thank you for sharing it with visitors. Unfortunately one night while we were sitting in the lounge area of our rental house someone entered the house through a bedroom security door and stole my purse. Fortunately our passports and my wallet were not in the bag. It was a terrible feeling of invasion and I have to say the three police officers who attended and checked the premises were extremely kind through that difficult experience. The next day the person who managed the house insisted on coming to the house and kept telling me to make sure all the doors were locked all the time. She made me feel really vulnerable and that I had some responsibility in someone entering my rental property and stealing from me while I was in the home a few feet away from the bedroom. She invaded my rental home and wandered through it like I hadnÕt rented it. I finally had to tell her it wasnÕt a good time for me to listen to her as I was trying to serve dinner to guests. Apparently the house has been targeted by thieves many times in the past. Please share with your visitors the need to keep all the doors locked of rooms they arenÕt currently in at all times even when they are in the house. Grateful for the quick police response and that my family was not harmed during this home invasion. Again my thanks to the officers and the 999 response person for their service. Tammy Bazylinski.

November 3 2019 My name is Juan Ignacio Llopis, I am 27, from Argentina, currently living in New Zealand and holding a working holiday visa. I would like to know if this kind of visa allows me to work in the Cook Islands. I am really interested in visiting the Islands, and being able to work there would be of great help to fund my trip around the Cook Islands. Looking forward to hearing from you. Reply to jllopis.translate@gmail.com

May 11 2019 I see the Playboy of the Pacific Henry Puna is now angling for a massive pay increase of 40 per cent for Members of Parliament. ItÕs a good thing he doesnÕt have an army at his command like so many South American, African and Asian countries. Then he could enforce his policies without bothering with Parliament. ItÕs about time the silly old biddies who keep Puna in power woke up and elected him and his party out of office. Come on Mamas! T. Rex.

April 10 2019 I am trying to locate long time acquaintances of mine who live in Rarotonga. They are David and Joan Gregg. I do understand that David May have passed away, and I would like to make contact with Joan if that is possible. I can be contacted at this e-mail address: fborns@cox.net Margaret Borns, Chandler, Arizona USA.

April 2 2019
We are three investors, one of us is a New Zealand citizen, the other two USA citizens. Are we permitted to open a pearl farm in the Cook Islands, or if such an activity is reserved for Cook Islanders alone? Thank you. If you cannot answer this question who in the Cook Island government can? Thank you. Niko Zinovii, niko@upsidedownanimals.com

February 15 2019
Hello, IÕm trying to find anything related to my ancestors with information that my grandmother has provided me with. I was wondering if you have any information about a Tangi Strickland or Vini Teao from 1940Õs to 1970Õs. They were a couple in Aitutaki who had six children, one unfortunately died at the age of three. If not, thatÕs fine, IÕm just trying all my outlets.Thank you so much,Sandina Kaisa Baker. dinabags_11@icloud.com

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